Beagle dog breedBreed: Beagle (English Beagle), breed of hunting hounds. The breed in the UK in 14 century by crossing the hare and hound harrera old English hounds for gregarious hunting hares, foxes and a variety of game. In England, for several centuries beagles were kept in the royal court for hunting in the leash. In the early 20 century beagles were in the U.S., where they are very popular. Currently, the breed spread throughout the world.

General Features: Beagle - a strong, compact, perfectly folded dog. Height from 13 to 16 in, weight 18-35 lb. The head is strong, powerful, broad. The muzzle is pointed, narrow, but well developed. Nose black with wide nostrils. The eyes are dark, with a beautiful black border. The ears are long, flat, wide, set high, lying. The chest is deep and wide. The tail is stout, moderately long, directed upwards. The wool is dense, short, thick and coarse. Color assume any typical for hounds. It has a beautiful voice.

Temperament: Surprisingly cheerful and thirsty dog, which feels fine everywhere: on the hunt, home, away. It features good health, beauty and intelligence, but we should not forget that he is a vagabond by nature and loves to walk "by itself". Pet, requires regular physical exertion, easy grooming.

Health problems: There are some problems and issues linked to this breed. Some of these includes spinal problems, cataracts, glaucoma, retinal atrophy, thyroid problems, epilepsy, hip dysplasia, and bleeding disorders.