All About Best Dog Breeds

Vacuum in life, need of a protective yet friendly support or just someone you can be goofy with, a dog as a pet is a perfect answer to fulfill all these needs. It can make you feel contented in life. Dogs are a species which have been loved and admired for their loyalty, strength and friendly nature since ages altogether.

The best dog breeds which match varying personalities and lifestyles of owners can be found across the globe in different countries. But there are certain breeds which have been the favorites of dog lovers and still continue to charm and attract everyone like the Labradors, which are loving and sensitive, German Sheperds which are intelligent and adaptable, the Pug which is amiable and playful and others.

Different breeds of dogs have different body size, eating habits, temperaments and exercise needs also vary for each breed. These days owning a particular dog breed is a part of an individual’s lifestyle and status along with describing his style quotient. A Saint Bernard is loving, gentle and a good watchdog though is large in size but can be trained easily and is a preferred breed of dog lovers. A Bulldog which is brave and powerful yet one of the most affectionate and gentle breed among others with well known guarding skills is an essential part of the best breeds of dogs among others.