Living green for your pets

So you've decided to clean and green lifestyle. You know, to save energy, recycling, composting, using natural household products, to bring their own bags, and so forth. What about Fido and Fifi? How do they live green as well? Here are some tips to help your pet "Go Green":

-You are on the market for a pet? Look at local shelters, humane society, or ads in the first place. Give the animal a new home, and avoid "puppy mills".

-Spay or middle of your pet. Unwanted puppies and kittens often end up crowded shelters or increasing wildlife populations.

-Look for all natural and organic foods online or at your local pet store. Most pet food is made from animal products (by-products do not even fit for human consumption). Look for FDA certification of food meat packaging.

-Buy food and food in kind. You will save trips to the store, and possibly save money as well.

-If you have a cat, switch to environmentally friendly cat litter. Conventional cat litter, usually made of clay, which is an open design, and contains harsh chemicals your pet should not even be in. Try debris from recycled newspaper pellets.

Buy eco-friendly-toys for pets. Avoid toys made of plastic, as this may eventually chewed and swallowed.

-Use natural shampoos and soaps for your pet. These shampoos are often the same chemicals that we as human shampoo "Greenies" should be avoided.
-Once in a while, an accident can occur. Do not reach toxic carpet or floor cleaner. Use all natural products for household stains and odors, or make your own batch of common household ingredients such as vinegar and water.

I hope these tips are attainable for those who want a green home life. Your pets are family members. Treat them to a healthy, natural, safe food and its surroundings.