List of dog breeds

There are countless number of dog breeds that are available. With the introduction of the designer dog breed, the number of breeds has gone even higher. The list of dog breeds therefore can be too long to mention in this article therefore there are few traits that will be considered with which the list of dog breeds is made below. One great trait to look for is the ability of dog breed to perform as family pet. Beloe is the list of dog breeds that are most popular among the families worldwide.

The Top 20 Dog Breed to Own as a Pet
Collie Basset Hound
Shih tzu
Labrador Retriever
Bichon Frise

o Whippet

o Irish Setter

o Golden Retriever

o Cairn Terrier
o Pomeranian
o Great Pyrenees

o Poodle

o Airedale

o Pug
o Beagle

o Newfoundland

o Schnauzer

o Pembroke Welsh Corgie
o West Highland White Terrier

Remember these dogs are placed in the list keeping in mind their various traits and capabilities. The qualities which are kept in view in making of the list include qualities such as intelligence, activity level and temperament. These qualities are important in determining the best dog breeds that you can have for our family.

Well, there are many good reasons of choosing the above listed 20 dog breeds by many families. Although, you might not be having too huge family and even you may be having large space but then also there are few traits that are required by every family in their pet dog. Every family wants a dog that is friendly with them and apart from being friendly, the dog must be loyal and protective towards his/her master. Moreover, the temperament of dog breed is something that needs to be considered especially if you are having small kids. Small kids might treat the dogs in bad way which can make them angry. Patience is what is expected from such dogs and well there are dogs such as Bichon, Collie etc mentioned in above list that have a real cool temperament and give off bad behavior easily.