Smartest dog breeds

Border collie smart dog breedThere are different breeds of dogs. All the different breeds have their distinctive characteristics and capabilities just like humans. The differences in different dog breeds can not only be seen in their physical appearances rather if one have a closer look at them then we he/she will come to know that there are many other differences in their psychologies and their way of interaction with humans. It is interesting to see how some breeds are hyperactive while other breed is real quite. Similarly some dog breeds are smarter than other.

Deciding for the smartest dog breeds can be a tricky task for an amateur, therefore below is short guide to help you in deciding the smartest dog breeds.

The breed that comes first in the smartest dog breeds is the Lhasa apso breed. These dogs were initially bred by the monks on the Tibetan summits. These are real smart breed dogs which were bred to warn the monastery in case of any invading intruders that might be coming towards monastery. These dogs are loved by the monks so much so that they are featured on the national flag.

The breed that comes second in the smartest dog breeds is the Border collie. This dog breed originally belongs to English valleys. These are real hard working dogs that are used in the far and wide on English valley by farmers to herd their sheep and cattle. These dogs are real smart and easy to train. It virtually takes no time for the farmers to train a new Border collie before they can have the dog working in the field. Once trained, these dogs can perform all the duties by themselves and the farmer is just required to sit and watch them working hard in place of them.

The third dog which make to the smartest dog breeds list is the German shepherd. Well, it would not be wrong to say that it is the most known and loved dog all over the world. The German shepherd is one of the smartest dog breed which is used worldwide by the police, security agencies and law enforcement agencies to have a track of criminals.